Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems


Window OptionsWindows sized and designed to compliment your building also provide sources of light and ventilation. Selected for appearance and function, windows must be compatible with your siding and other building design features. Horizontal sliders, single hung, and fixed lite windows with or without grids, in a variety of sizes are possible in both vinyl and aluminum framed windows. Large interior fixed lite glass or Lexan windows can provide outstanding visibility and separation for room-to-room viewing and light transmission.

PLYCO Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

  1. Energy Saving Commercial Grade WindowsThese energy saving commercial-grade windows are designed for repeated operation and to separate heated areas from exterior or other unheated spaces.
  2. Series M-3025 windows feature a thermal barrier to save energy, reduce condensation, and slash conduction through window frames.
  3. Available in White, Bronze or Hickory Moss, with or without grids, and in single-hung, slider, or fixed lite configurations, these windows set the standard for security, looks and function.
  4. Screens are provided with each movable window.
  5. These windows are compatible with metal siding as well as a variety of other siding materials.

PLYCO TrimLine AATL Aluminum Frame Windows

  1. Aluminum Framed WindowDesigned for occasional operation, the aluminum frame and sash combined with the deluxe lock feature provides security and strength.
  2. Acrylic and Glass options provide an economical alternative to the traditional Thermal Break aluminum windows.
  3. Screens are provided with each exterior movable window.
  4. Specifically designed for use with metal siding, these windows are also compatible with a variety of other siding materials.

Vinyl and other Window Options

  1. Flexibility in building design allows the use of different window designs and materials. From the economy and variety of vinyl framed windows to the most custom window designs, your structure can incorporate your ideas into a functional and aesthetically-appealing window package.