Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems

Blue Chip Advantage

Why Choose Us?

“Blue Chip Structures are not just warranted, they are designed to perform”

Blue Chip Design Possibilities

BEST DESIGN: Every Blue Chip Structure is engineered for its specified structural performance. Blue Chip Structures combine the latest design technology and the selection of only the best components available. Blue Chip’s buildings are the strongest available. A complete set of structural and installation plans along with a detailed material list is provided with every building package.

LONG-TERM SUPPLIERS: Rigidply Rafters, Inc.’s long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, some over three decades, support Blue Chip’s efforts to provide only the best products and designs available.

COMMITMENT: Manufacturing and supplying wood and post frame building components for more than 50 years, the commitment continues as our reputation in the marketplace grows. In this time of uncertainty, the long-term stability of Rigidply Rafters and Blue Chip Structures gives unmatched credibility to our products, structures and customers.

ENGINEERING: Unique to this industry, Rigidply Rafters and Blue Chip Structures provide access to an in-house engineering team which specializes in wood frame design. All materials utilized as structural members in a Blue Chip Structure are individually engineered. Nothing is left to chance or “rules of thumb”.

COMPETITIVE PRICING: Blue Chip Structures provides the maximum possible “value” and is known for its consistent pricing. Blue Chip Structures utilizes only the best, time-tested products in its building packages. A wide variety of products and designs are available and can be assembled together to create a custom building at a very competitive price.

DELIVERY: Rigidply Rafters, Inc., delivers all of our products on time with our own fleet of trucks and experienced company-employed drivers.

WARRANTY: Blue Chip Structure’s warranty program is second to none. It is backed by a company who has been in this industry for over 50 years and is committed to growing the next 50 years and beyond. Blue Chip’s success with its warranty program lies in our commitment to conservative design and using only the best products. “The best products have warranties you’ll never have to use”.