Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems

Condensation Control

Condensation Control inside a barnProperly ventilated and insulated structures help protect the building’s contents and prolong the life expectancy of the building materials used in the structure. The use of condensation control products further aid in minimizing the potential for condensation in post-frame construction with metal roofing by providing a vapor barrier and a small amount of insulation between the inside environment and the metal roofing.

While vapor barriers can be beneficial for many building uses, they are a necessity in any enclosed building that houses animals and is constructed with a metal roof. Horse barns with metal roofs require a vapor barrier under the roof metal to prevent destructive condensation problems.

PLYCO Ply-Foil Reflective Insulation:

  1. Ply-Foil reflective insulation provides a very effective white poly-faced or foil-faced interior vapor barrier to keep the sometimes warm, moist interior air in the structure from contacting the cool underside of metal roofing panels during certain weather conditions.
  2. Insulation is provided by the single or double-bubble layers between the exterior and interior surfaces of the Ply-Foil, and typically provides enough “R” value to avoid any significant condensation.