Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems

About Blue Chip Structures

36’ x 120’ building with 2 – 24’ x 10’ porticosBlue Chip Structures, Inc. has been supplying pre-engineered building packages to the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding areas since 1995. Most Blue Chip Structures building package are post frame construction commonly referred to as pole buildings or pole barns. This type of construction is more economical since pole buildings have individual footings for each post and do not require continuous foundation walls. Pole barns use materials efficiently with wider truss spacing and less framing without sacrificing building strength. Stud frame and poured concrete/block wall construction can also be designed depending on the buildings usage, site conditions and customer’s preferences. Every Blue Chip Structures building is engineered for its specified purpose, ranging from pole barn garages or storage buildings, to custom pole building equestrian complexes to a commercial facility with multiple framing styles.

Here at Blue Chip Structures, Inc., and Rigidply Rafters, Inc., we strive to make your building project as enjoyable as possible. We do this by supplying you with exceptional designs complete with a set of detailed construction plans. Also, we provide an extensive material list explaining where each component belongs, saving you time and aggravation in the construction process. With several Professional Engineers in house, we can provide P.E. Seals for many states in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Finally, we have customer service available for the contractor throughout construction for the “unforeseeable” events and changes that may occur. With competent personnel always available, there are never any problems that can’t be solved!

Blue Chip Structures, Inc. assembles our pre-engineered packages using the best building materials available. Our long-term relationships with industry-leading suppliers give you a tremendous advantage when choosing your building features. Every component of a Blue Chip Structures, Inc. building package is designed to meet or exceed all industry standards and structural load requirements. Also, each supplier is backed with outstanding warranties which are then passed through to you in our industry-leading Warranty Program.

Our commitment to conservative design, exceptional customer service, and using only the best products available, will provide you the confidence that you have achieved the best value for your investment. By choosing Blue Chip Structures, Inc. for your next building, you will be receiving the finest building package available.