Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems


KOHLER-RAMSEY CupolaSeveral types of cupolas are available to compliment your roof system. Cupolas can be installed to dramatically enhance the appearance of your structure and can be functional as well by allowing for additional roof system ventilation. From standard cupolas color-matched to the metal roofing and siding to custom wood-sided cupolas with copper roofs, the wide selection of sizes and types will help your building stand out!

Plyco Roof Cupolas:

  1. Lighted CupolaAvailable in 24”, 36”, and 48” square sizes with either straight or curved roof panels. The entire 24” and 36” cupola is constructed of 29 gauge prepainted steel. The 48” cupola has a 26 gauge prepainted steel roof.
  2. Prepainted steel construction. Color combinations to match your color scheme are available.
  3. Bird screen is included for mounting in the curb.
  4. All metal joints feature Plyco’s “Tog-a-Loc” construction for non-rusting permanent construction.
  5. Optional curb cap is available if no air flow for ventilation is required.
  6. Lited Cupolas
    • Full perimeter reinforced hemmed angles for rigid window frame opening.
    • Galvanized steel internal gussets for diagonal strength.
    • Plyco manufactured acrylic glazed white aluminum windows installed in each side with permanent silk-screened grid work.
  7. 24”, 29”, and 42” weather vanes are sized and designed to fit and work with Plyco’s cupolas and are available in numerous standard and special order designs.
Custom Roof Cupolas:


  1. Contact Blue Chip Structures with your ideas for a custom roof cupola. A variety of suppliers using several different material options allow for a wide range of possibilities to match your architectural and economic requirements.