Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems


"I am very satisfied with the overall look and construction of my Blue Chip building. The metal roofing and siding requires no maintenance and my electric bills are extremely low for a building of this size and openness. Last year, the building took a direct hit from a low-level tornado and didn’t even lose a piece of trim!"

Courtney Accipiter Owner: 6,283 s.f. Classic Car Showroom

"The comment that we hear the most about or barn and arena is that they are stunningly beautiful. The other very satisfying thing that happens is when a builder or construction person visits us and comments on how well crafted and constructed the buildings are. I speak for every person that uses our facility when I say it is not only a lovely place to look at—it is an imminently practical design. I, and all my boarders, LOVE our barn and indoor arena. Many thanks to you Blue Chip, and also R&D Cross, and the Hertzler brothers."

Rita and Andy Riddile

"Blue Chip Structures takes the guesswork and problems out of the building process. They give you the best you can get in a pre-engineered building. They do it all for you, designing it down to the last nail."

Bill M. Owner: 40’x80’ Storage building & 40’x60’ Storage building

"I’m really happy with my Blue Chip Structures building……’s a beautiful building. It is extremely sound and tight, you can tell it’s well designed."

Rob R. Owner: 48’x48’ Dual Purpose Garage

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