Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems

Ceiling and Wall Liner

Ceiling and Wall Liner for GaragesWhere desired, ceiling and wall liners can serve to brighten and finish a space while protecting insulation, interior wiring, plumbing, and framing. From economical pre-painted steel liner panels to residential wall/ceiling finish materials, your Blue Chip Structure can accommodate a wide range of materials to satisfy your functional and aesthetic requirements. Products are available to handle a full range of applications – maintenance garages to food processing areas to equine facilities to finished residential spaces


Liner Panel Options:

  1. garage liner panelsFabral Grandrib 3 MP Panel: An economical alternative to the industry-leading Fabral Grandrib 3 Liner Panel, the MP Panel provides a variety of color options for non-corrosive interior liner panel applications.
  2. Fabral Grandrib 3 Liner Panel: A bright white interior finish provides a bright and clean interior finish. Easy to clean and very durable, the Grandrib 3 Liner Panel is designed to provide years of trouble-free service.
  3. Fabral Strongrib White Aluminum Liner Panel: A bright white, easy to clean finish painted over high strength, corrosion resistant aluminum, this liner panel is typically used in applications involving exposure to occasional moisture and corrosive materials.
  4. Ceiling and Wall Liner productsWood Products: Wood products are very popular for applications where a warm, rustic look is preferred. Our 1×8, 2×6 and 2×8 tongue and groove wood products are manufactured by Rigidply, can be easily stained and sealed, and provide a durable liner panel with the unequaled appearance of wood. Wood products are available as either treated or untreated for additional flexibility.
  5. Ceiling and Wall Liner options Other Options: There are many other liner panel products available depending on your application and the look you are trying to achieve. Residential-style products such as drywall provide a traditional look and can offer fire-resistant properties. Polycarbonate and similar panels such as Ag Tuff provide low-maintenance performance in moist, corrosive environments. Textured glassboard panels offer easily-cleanable surfaces for food processing and dairy uses. Fabral’s Grandrib 3 White Acoustical Panel provides a bright white finish with a perforated panel to deaden sound in the space it surrounds. Contact Blue Chip Structures to discuss numerous other options and materials that can be incorporated into your building project.