Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Systems

Traditional Sliding Doors

Traditional Sliding Barn DoorTraditional sliding doors remain one of the most economical and attractive ways to provide easily-accessible openings for you, your animals, and your equipment in stall barns, riding arenas, and other post-frame structures. Larger openings in particular are easily accommodated with the available sliding door systems. Both pre-engineered and field-designed systems can provide the needed size and design flexibility to meet your needs. And, the materials now used in door construction will provide years of trouble-free operation with little maintenance. Improved weathertightness and security, and designs that match your building’s architecture and color scheme have helped lead the trend back to the sliding door in many types of structures.

Traditional Sliding Door Components:

  1. Traditional Sliding Door 2Galvanized heavy-gauge steel sliding door track, brackets, and hardware combined with numerous trolley hanger and door accessory options assure years of virtually maintenance-free use of your sliding door. Latch system options and door component design ensure the security and weather-tightness of your sliding door system.
  2. Strong, extruded aluminum color-matched sliding door vertical rails combined with PLYCO’s proven galvanized heavy-gauge steel bottom guide rail system guide the door during operation to make sure door operation is as effortless as possible.
  3. The new trend in sliding door systems, the galvanized steel girt, has eliminated the warping and twisting which sometimes occurs with wood girt systems. And, these steel girts dramatically increase the strength of the door.
  4. Good looking, straight, smooth-operating, low-maintenance Blue Chip sliding doors allow fast and virtually effortless operation.